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The Lyons Group

Husband and wife lending team with over 20 years experience and dedicated to the success of their clients.  Patrick and Megan have received Bachelor degrees in Finance, Marketing, and Sales Management. 

Based in Houston and servicing all of Texas.  Powered by Team USA Mortgage with the ability to perform everything in-house!

Patrick Megan Lyons Mortgage Texas Lender

Client Testimonies

Megan and Patrick are the best of the best!  Super responsive and always on the ball.  There is nobody else I would rather work with after using them for our financing.  If you’re in the market for a home, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Justin M.

Megan and Patrick made my home loan experience so easy.  They were both really proactive and responsive and on top of every situation.  I have already recommended them and will continue to recommend them whenever I have a chance.

Mary M.

Just completed purchasing our THIRD house in the last 8 years.  Patrick and Megan made this LEAPS AND BOUNDS easier on us than the previous two.  Not once have we ever truly understood terms like ‘escrow’ or ‘earnest money’ but with the help of this team…we know now!  The team truly cared about us and getting us the best deal that they possibly could.  Everything about the process was seamless and easy on us.  Phone calls in the morning or long after ‘working’ hours just to make sure that my wife and I were relaxed during the process seemed like a ‘normal’ thing for them to do.  5 Stars do not come close to what they deserve for all they did for us.

Michael S.

We had such a fantastic experience working with Patrick and Megan.  The team fully explained the homebuying process, answered questions promptly, and checked in with us all the time!  Thank you both for all the work.  We will always use them.

Fulton R.

Patrick and Megan are a breath of fresh air in this crazy mortgage market.  We had endless problems with a prior lender which was nearly impossible to get a hold of.  I cannot say enough about these two, they ALWAYS picked up the phone when I called, and they were patient with me on locking my rate.  This was an investment property and I will utilize them for further projects as well as recommend them whenever I can.

Tim H.

Megan and Patrick with Elite Financing Group are the best of the best!  Super responsive and always on the ball.  There is nobody else I would rather work with after using them for our financing.  If you’re in the market for a home, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Justin M.

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